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Joe has opened his new tutoring company called: Private Tutoring Company. It is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. His company can help you with language tutoring, math- geometry, algebra, calculus, and more math tutoring, English tutoring, business tutoring, science- chemistry, natural, organic chemistry, and more.

We know the struggles of getting tutored by a company that you can trust. That’s why we highly recommend our friend Joe, a Swedish Tutor, with Private Tutors Las Vegas.

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The best tutoring company in all of Las Vegas: (owned by my brother Joe!)

Private Tutors Las Vegas 1445 American Pacific Dr, Henderson, NV 89074
Phone: (702) 978-7517


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How do you find the best local tutor?

Finding a great local tutor for your child, or yourself, can be a stressful and time-consuming experience. Not only does the tutor have to be able to convey information in an effective and straightforward manner, but there also has to be a certain level of trust between the tutor and yourself or your child. Fortunately, finding a tutor on virtually any subject doesn’t have to be a trip to the dentist. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 places you can look to find a knowledgeable tutor who is trustworthy, has reasonable rates and sufficient mastery of the subject matter to be a capable instructor, so you or your child can get the most out of your tutoring experience.

1. Your local college campus

A college campus is an excellent place to start looking for a tutor. You could check out the University of Nevada, Las Vegas if you’re in Southern Nevada, or even CSN. Not only are the students well-grounded in the material, but many of them work in tutoring and writing centers to assist college students. They are often available for freelance tutoring, and the rates tend to be very reasonable. Especially for middle- or high-school math, a college student may be the best tutor money can buy. However, they can also often help with more advanced mathematics, such as college algebra and calculus, as well as science, history and other knowledge-based subjects.

2. Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a great website for finding all kinds of contract labor. While most people think of general contractors or other construction-related jobs, Angie’s List is also a popular source for tutors at every level and on nearly every subject. Because the reviewing and rating system on the site is so strict, it makes finding a reliable and reputable tutor easy and efficient.

3. Tutorspree

Tutorspree is a startup company profiled by the Huffington Post which is designed to pair up students and parents with tutors with actual educational credentials. You can sort by areas of expertise or advanced knowledge, price and distance. When you go to the site, simply enter your zip code and what radius you would like the tutor to be within. Because you can pay the tutor directly through the site, it eliminates hassle for you and helps ensure you get a great tutor for yourself or your student. Tutors are prescreened for suitability and criminal background, and often have testimonial feedback from previous clients, giving added security and confidence in the tutor.

4. Search for “tutors” plus your city and state.

In some cases you may want to do business with a more local site, depending on your particular needs. Especially if your student has special needs or learning challenges, you may be able to find local resources that can help you find a specialized tutor who understands and is equipped to deal with the unique difficulties of tutoring a child with learning or behavioral disorders. In this case, Googling for tutors is a good way to help you connect with the perfect tutor for your child. So you could start by searching tutors Las Vegas, or tutors Henderson, or tutors in North Las Vegas, or something of the like.

5. Your local library

Tutors and other instructors often post flyers at the local library for everything from reading to math to music. This has the advantage of allowing you to meet and interview a tutor before accepting their services, which many online tutor pairing sites do not. However, it lacks the security of a screening process and the assurance that the person’s credentials are genuine. While this is relatively easy to determine via an Internet search or background check site, many parents might not be comfortable with this venue of hiring a tutor. The ability to meet with the tutor and gauge for yourself whether the tutor is appropriate may be a bigger selling point for some parents.

6. Tutor-pages

Think of Tutor-pages as a kind of clearinghouse for tutor-related information and links. Although the site itself is fairly sparse on specifics, preferring to leave those to the individual links it harvests, it does offer some excellent general advice such as seeking out individual tutors rather than services where possible, because the markup for tutorial hours can go as high as 100% or more. It also strongly advises comparison shopping, which is always a good idea regardless of the kind of contractor or laborer one is looking for.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist tends to be fairly hit-or-miss with its tutoring offerings. Sometimes there may be none, while at other times one could easily spend an entire day emailing possible candidates. Like the local library, Craigslist tutors offer the opportunity to meet and interview in person before allowing them into your home, but the lack of oversight and verification of credentials means more legwork for you. Even so, the ability to select from a potentially large pool of tutoring candidates at one time makes Craigslist worth giving a glance as a starting point or in the absence of more practical options.

8. Private Tutor Directory

This site is a sort of Yellow Pages for tutors across the US. The tutors have pictures, descriptions of what sorts of tutoring they engage in, and locations clearly stated so you can find a tutor quickly and easily. As a broker for tutor services, the prices per hour may be higher than you can negotiate from a private tutor. However, the ability to screen for specific disciplines and subjects may make this site worth the visit for parents or students who are short on time to shop around for a Las Vegas tutor.

9. Book and Table Tutoring

This site is another tutor brokerage site, but unlike many other such sites Book and Table offers both online and in-home tutoring. This may be advantageous for people who want to work with a specific tutor but have busy schedules or cannot host visitors for any reason. Tutors are prescreened and verified before they are accepted to the site, which means they are well-vetted and legitimate professionals in their fields. This site is better for people living in major metropolitan areas, but will occasionally have a tutor available in more rural or isolated areas.


This site is not only great for teaching students math at all levels, but is often used as a clearinghouse for professional tutors. It allows you to screen by candidates’ knowledge base, location, cost and what subjects they tutor in. They are not limited to the various mathematical subjects, either. Candidates may tutor in everything from ecology to accounting, although math is definitely a heavy emphasis on this site. Not all candidates have background checks, so a certain amount of care and due diligence on the part of the parent or student is in order to verify their knowledge and potential problems such as criminal history.

Finding the best local tutor in Las Vegas for your child’s or your own needs doesn’t have to be a hassle, although it can still be somewhat time-consuming. Still, the time and money you’ll save by taking the time to shop around for the best possible candidate is well worth the investment, as are the improved grades and academic performance a stellar tutor can offer. It is important to remember it is ultimately up to the student to take responsibility for learning. However, finding a great tutor vastly improves the odds of academic success and improved scholastic confidence!

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